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"Doo Wop Motels: Architectural Treasures of The Wildwoods"
by Kirk Hastings

128-page Paperback with 130 color photos!
7¼" x 9⅛"


Available March, 2007

at - Barnes and Noble - Borders
and all better book stores

A fun, full-color look at the 1950s and 1960s
commercial architecture of The Wildwoods -- particularly its motels -- and focusing on its various forms: Modern with jet-age glass walls and angled
roof designs; Vroom! with its thrusting pointed elements; and Polynesian Pop, with thatched roofs,
tiki torches, and plastic palm trees. And of course those great neon signs!
"The perfect summer read under a plastic palm!"
-- Carolyn Travis
                    Producer, Wildwood Days (2004 PBS documentary)